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Insurance Industry Staffing

Customer service

Experienced and friendly Customer Service Representatives will assist with insurance related questions and guide through the process of getting insurance or renewal.


Underwriting experts will provide a wide range of underwriting services from analyzing to pricing.


Claims handling experts will manage the process from receiving claim to completing documentation while ensuring customer satisfaction.


Accounting professionals will ensure accuracy of billing, collections and other procedures while maintaining and updating required documentation.

Trucking Industry Staffing


Safety regulations specialists will provide information and guidance in order to meet the requirements stated by law.


Dedicated dispatchers are always one step ahead in minimizing cost and maximizing profitability.


Professional accountants specialize in bookkeeping and accounting, along with analyzing and providing various reports.


Experienced claims specialists will monitor and control the process and completion of claims.


IT Specialists

IT professionals will provide consultations and assistance with current systems as well as help with various projects using PHP, Web development, CRM’s, WordPress and more.

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